NILSA L. Cleland

The Whispers Within

Will Whispers Be Enough?

The Whispers Within is a novel that reveals the deep and intimate details on domestic violence and sexual assaults from a teenager's perspective. The novel is a fictional depiction of a teenager's life living in a dysfunctional family environment.

In this novel you will meet Mari Santiago, a 16-year-old living in the tough streets of New York, and Candace Spencer, a 17-year-old aristocratic born teenager who has shared the same challenges Mari has gone through, for the exception of her family's financial status in society.

The Whispers Withinreveals the parallel of two dissimilar lives between two teenagers, Mari and Candace, where each one reaches for a different life, later realizing one is alive and the other teen is not.

With compassion and whispers Mari comes to realize she is not alone in her journey out of her family's domestic violence. She has a very close friend that cannot be seen nor touched. Her new friend is a spiritual guide that will whisper words of encouragement and direction to help Mari out of many of her traumatic situations.

 Book Reviews


Wow,i found this book to be really surprising. It has a lot of twists and turns and some parts of the book are very uncomfortable. But that is what i like about it. It is very well written and leaves you wanting more. Loved it! When is the next one?

Virginia Hamlin

It is written very well, and the author is to be commended, but the subject matter is excruciatingly painful. I wanted to skip some of the descriptions. However, if this is definitely a reality for some young people it is good to expose this problem.


Intense and mind boggling novel. A very descriptive and greatly illustrated view of a teenager’s life living in a horrific family environment. A novel that will make you think of your own life and will make you laugh as well in certain instances. A great fiction book that reflects society’s need to help those in need in domestic violence and sexual assault situations.