NILSA L. Cleland

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Rescuing Me From Myself - A candid and intriguing look at a person's life living with non-curable chronic illnesses. Cry, laugh, and come with me as I accompany you in my unbelievable journey called life. Believe it or not, I really am a very happy person!

The Courage Within - The sequel to The Whispers Within revealing Mari Santiago and Candace Spencer's journey to adulthood and life as a single courageous woman and Spiritual Guide reaching for the stars. Learn about the obstacles Mari and Candace will encounter while reaching career goals, and yes, love life!  

The wHISPERS within

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BOOK REVIEW -- The Whispers Within
A Young Adult novel about second chances for both the living and the dead.

Cleland’s debut features two main characters: Candace and Mari. Both are teenage girls stuck in atrocious family situations. Their biggest difference?  One of them is no longer living. Through supernatural intervention, these girls—who ordinarily never would have met—form a bond. Two strong female characters enhance this flawed but worthy Young Adult novel about surviving abuse!

"Kirkus Review"

Isn’t this nice? Being surrounded by verdant trees, silken grass, hearing your own heart beat. You can look out as far as the eye can see with nothing but nature’s undisturbed beauty. At least, this is what I hope to continue striving for my life.  Yet... Life changed in a flash without my consent. I allowed myself to be taken to a place I needed to be in to reach my ultimate peace. Much of this account will be provided in my current writing project: Rescuing Me from Myself. In addition, I am continuing my writing on my sequel to The Whispers Within with the new novel, The Courage Within.

- Wisdom of Confucius

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but if you ask me, the grass is pretty green over here. It looks similar over there, but I like right where I am. It’s beautiful. Peaceful. 

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."